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Have problems with damp?
Does that paint keep peeling off?
Are there salt deposits on your wall?
Scott little plastering services can address any damp problems that you may have in your property.
Using the latest in surveying technology we can track the moisture levels that are within the walls of your building, and track the areas of the walls which are most affected. Giving us some idea of where the problem is coming from.
The method of surveying that we use is a non-disruptive way of looking for internal plaster moisture levels that are unacceptably high, which is very quick, clean and effective.


There is no doubt that nobody wants a damp house, as this can be a night mare and in some cases a costly one as well, however this doesn’t always have to be the case.
In allot of case’s damp problems can be easily be resolved.
The problem is not with the moisture levels itself; the problem is in the salts that are naturally within the plaster, which means the course of action may be to remove all the old plaster which is affected and replace with new plaster.  
Scott little plastering services can provide you with a complete written specification.
We are proud to be able to offer a complete guarantee of work for upto   30 years


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