Black Mould

do you have black mould?


70% of damp problems in a home are down to condensation!
 A visible form of this is black mould.
This will start in small dots but in time can turn any surface completely BLACK.
It results from the fact that air can hold more water vapour when warm than it can when cold. When warm air is chilled it deposits the water it can no longer retain as condensation. This effect can be demonstrated by breathing on a cold mirror.
You must:
1.      reduce release of water vapour into the air
2.      minimise the cold surfaces
3.      ventilate so as to prevent build up of water vapour
Scott little plastering services can provide you with top quality paint with a 5 year guarantee which is fully resistant to condensation and fungi such as black mould.
To reduce cold spots in a room you may want to insulate the walls, this can be done in a couple different ways, either a dry wall and insulation method or a solid render method which is 25 times warmer than traditional sand and cement and contains a salt inhibiting additive.
  • Previously, up until 1960’s there was generally natural ventilation in many houses, due to open fires, single glazed sash windows, poorly fitted windows and doors and suspended timber floors without fitted coverings. All of these encouraged air flow with in the property.
  • The average house hold produces 16 pints of condensation a day.
  • Portable flueless heaters can produce 1 litre of moisture for every 1 litre of heat produced
We can also supply you with mould cleaners, paints, vents and extractor systems
If you would like to know more information please get in contact with us.


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